In the north of Madagascar, this area of the extreme north is called the Bobaomby Region which literally means (Many Zebus). The Bobaomby region is recognized for its cultural and traditional richness, and the legends which will therefore be worthily valued. Visitors will be treated to storytelling sessions, stories reflecting the legends and culture and taboos of the sacred places of the communities. The site can also accommodate researchers in Anthropology.
A trip by sailing boat in the Bay of Diego-Suarez, then a walk in the middle of nature and the village of 6km to the camp.
On arrival, you will be installed in your tent which is already prepared by the villagers engaged as the camping Manager. Then, after the short toilet break, lunch of Malagasy dishes from the catering with menus prepared by village women hired as cooks on the site will be served in the catering shed. The afternoon is reserved for a visit of the villages after lunch to meet the inhabitants of the village and to discover the structure and characteristics of Malagasy villages. Then, your evening will begin with the preparation of dinner from where you can participate for experience in catering in Malagasy dish. Followed by a convivial evening in the catering shed with a long table on the campsite (Chess games, Backgammon, dominoes and card.
The next day, after breakfast, local guides will take you on a tour of the sacred Agnalagnana beach circuit which is the supreme seat of any act of invocation addressed to the ancestors and/or gods as solicited by heavy rain, health, wealth and offspring, as well as happiness. On this second day, your evening will be a cultural evening which is composed of a session of the tales and legend of Bobaomby) and animated by the traditional animator by singing (Vako-drazana, Antsa, Goma …) and the Trotrobe dance.
On the 3rd day, you would have an excursion in the circuit of the sacred beach of Ambavarano which has an Anjoaty tomb. It is the place where one addresses the prayers and one brings offerings in the case of a "Jôro" of great importance and/or collective as solicited an abundant rain, or a request emanating from the ancestors to sanctify or to purify a point or a measure or an authentication or even an update of ancestral cultures. A Snack picnic on the beach observing sea turtles playing not far from the shores and admiring the giant Baobab trees populating along the coastal ecosystem very close to the beach.You will therefore return just in the early afternoon to the camp, refresh yourself and return to Diego -Suarez after lunch in the camp.

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